Autumn Cleanup Can Take Its Toll!

Leaves Inside of a Gutter Charleston SC

Lawn care and landscaping professionals are coming to the end of the busy season. But in some ways, the wrap up can be more dangerous than any other part of the year. Leaf clean up on the ground and in the gutters, trimming dead wood out of trees: there’s the danger of ladders, sharp tools, and falling tree limbs, not to mention mold that could be growing in leaf piles.  Fall lawn cleanup is a time to practice safety.  But what happens when an injury occurs even after you’ve taken all the safety precautions!

Emergency Procedures in Place

Companies, even small ones with just a few people, should know what to do in case of an emergency when someone has been injured on the job. First aid treatment is okay for small cuts and scrapes. But when necessary, an EMT or ambulance should be called, and you may be taken to the hospital for treatment or observation.

Wait! Who Is Paying for That?

Emergency Room visits and treatment following a work related injury should always be paid for by your employer. You should never need to file a claim with your insurance or pay anything out of pocket for your work related accident. Workers Compensation should have you covered.

If your employer won’t take care of your medical bills following an injury on the job, you need legal representation. At CFJ Injury Lawyers, we champion the rights of employees to have fair workman’s compensation. We will fight for you to get the coverage you need to heal and get back to your life.

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