Avoid These 3 Huge Mistakes When Filing for Workers’ Comp

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Your employer’s insurance company wants to avoid the obligation of compensating you for a work-related injury. To that end, they’ll be watching closely to see if you make a mistake that disqualifies you for workers’ comp.

Avoid these three critical mistakes that can sabotage the claim process.

Not immediately telling your employer about the injury.

The longer you wait to report a work-related injury, the less likely you are to have it covered by workers’ comp. Waiting to report only adds suspicion to your case and can lead to allegations that your injury isn’t work-related. Report the incident while all the details are still fresh, and all the witnesses are present and make sure everything is documented with your employer.

Trying to treat the injury yourself.

Small injuries might not seem worth reporting. But there is always a chance that a small incident could have major implications down the road… you should always report injuries no matter how small they are.

Keep in mind, too, that to successfully file a workers’ comp claim, you need to have evidence documented by a doctor that your injuries are legitimate and connected to your work.

Not complying with your doctor’s orders.

Your doctor will let you know what you can and cannot do following a work-related injury and treatment. If your employer’s insurance company finds out you’ve been working or participating in recreational activities that go against your doctor’s orders, then they can invalidate your claim.

For professional help with filing a workers’ comp claim in Charleston, contact our team of lawyers. We’ll put our expertise to work to help you avoid costly mistakes that could jeopardize your case.

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