The Careless Care Home

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Last summer, you moved your grandmother into an elder care facility. It’s not exactly a nursing home, at least not the way you think of one, but it’s more than assisted living. Her rooms are in the Memory Care wing; she doesn’t remember much, but she thinks she can get around like she did at 25! But ever since she broke her tailbone, walking without assistance is dangerous.

Lately, when you’ve visited, you’ve noticed some heavy bruising on her arms and legs. When you’ve asked questions, the administrators seem to give you non-answers. You keep pressing, but they stop returning your calls. Maybe you thought about putting a small camera in her room to find out what’s going on. Maybe you’ve even done it.

Caregiver Neglect Is Prevalent

The neglect and even abuse of the elderly in care facilities is a shameful thing that happens more often than most people realize. Caring for adults who can’t care for themselves takes a special type of person, one who usually costs more than a nursing home is able or willing to pay. When they bring in inexperienced or completely unqualified staff to tend to your loved one, injuries and accidents are waiting to happen.

If you think your family member has been fallen victim to caregiver neglect or abuse, you may have legal recourse. Contact CFJ Injury Lawyers in North Charleston or St. George. We can provide legal guidance and help you figure out your rights and responsibilities in your situation. Our firm takes elder care very seriously and can help you advocate for the seniors in your family.

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