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Eric Saleme

When you are injured in an auto accident, it is important to have the right insurance policy and legal advice available. If you need a North Charleston car wreck lawyer after an auto accident, the legal team at CFJ Injury Lawyers can provide you with legal advice and representation.

In this video, Eric Saleme from CFJ Injury Lawyers, a Charleston auto accident attorney, discusses a school bus accident that occurred in North Charleston, SC. He explains that a school bus driver lost control of the bus, hitting a child waiting for the bus and careening into a convenience store. The driver and several children were injured and brought to the hospital, which was a scary situation for their families and the general public. Mr. Saleme shares that having the right auto insurance policy can be helpful in these types of accidents to cover injury costs. He invites anyone to bring their auto policy to him at CFJ Injury Lawyers in North Charleston, SC to determine if they have the right coverage.

When you need a Charleston auto accident attorney, contact our team at CFJ Injury Lawyers. We offer free consultations to examine your auto insurance policy to determine if you have the right coverage if you or your family member is in an auto accident.

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