Know the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse!

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The statistics are terrifying. As many as five million elderly individuals are abused every year. It’s also estimated that only 1 in 25 instances of elder abuse are actually reported.

You may not want to leave your elderly parents or relatives to the care of a North Charleston nursing home, but your circumstances may leave you with no other choice.

By staying alert to signs of abuse of your loved one, you can ensure that they get the care they deserve while staying in a nursing home or medical facility.

Changes in Behavior and Personality

You’ll have to look carefully to distinguish between signs of abuse and the onset of dementia, but abuse often manifests in signs like depression and irritability.

Dehydration and Malnutrition

Neglected elderly residents may be denied access to food and water.

Bed Sores and Injuries

Signs of physical assault or even just bedsores suggest some kind of abuse. Your loved one is not being looked after properly and may be left to try to leave their bed on their own or use the toilet unassisted, suffering injuries as a result. Marks on the wrist may indicate that cruel restraints are being used.

In addition to these signs, stay on the lookout for indications of sexual abuse or unauthorized access to your relative’s finances.

Abuse of an elderly loved one can occur at the hands of another visiting relative or other residents, in addition to the nursing home staff. Take any complaints your elderly loved one may have about how they are treated by others seriously.

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