Nursing Mistakes as Medical Malpractice

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We’re all familiar with malpractice suits. You hear about them in the news, on TV shows, or maybe even on social media. A doctor was supposed to do one thing, but did something completely different and harmed or killed their patient at the same time. Perhaps they used a piece of medical equipment that malfunctioned or had been recalled.

A malpractice suit can be used to get justice for the patient or family, and it can also serve as a warning to others who use that doctor.

But what happens when the harm comes at the hands of a nurse?

Tender Healers?

Many nurses will tell you that they have as much knowledge as a doctor, but with a better bedside manner. They are the ones who help you gain mobility after a surgery. They keep patients comfortable, within the confines of a doctor’s orders. They alert doctors when there’s an emergency. They have a great deal of responsibility toward their patients.

When a doctor’s order is not followed, or there is a breakdown in communication or in attention, who is at fault? Maybe it comes as a surprise that both doctors and nurses can be held liable for patient outcomes.

If you or a loved one have experienced suffering, injury, or death at the hands of a doctor or nurse, the CFJ Injury Lawyers can help your family recoup at least part of what you deserve after your physical or mental suffering. We’ll help you fight for justice and perhaps find a small amount of peace in the aftermath. Most especially, we’ll help it from happening to someone else.

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