Personnel Demolition at the Construction Site

Construction Accident

Every day you leave for work, you expect that you will come home at the end of the day, whole and healthy. But for some people, that’s just not the case. According to OSHA’s statistics, 1 in 5 worker deaths happened at a construction site! While the majority of deaths and injuries that occur are due to the “Fatal Four” (falling, getting struck, getting electrocuted, or getting crushed between,) there are myriad ways to be injured at work when you work in construction in North Charleston.

Acceptable Risk and Acceptable Loss

As an individual, you make decisions every day about what risks are acceptable to you: whether you turn left in front of oncoming traffic, or balance on a wobbly step stool. The company you work for also has to determine which risks are acceptable, and which losses are as well. While you would be right in saying that no human risk or loss is okay, not every accountant looks at it that way.

When you do get injured, or worse, if you’re killed on the job, the circumstances or the loss of life may be “acceptable.” It may become difficult at this point to work with the company to get satisfaction or closure for your North Charleston family.

No Acceptable Loss

CFJ Injury Lawyers believes there is nothing acceptable about putting your workers, contractors, or laborers in an overtly dangerous situation. Any injury or death is too many. Schedule your appointment at our North Charleston office. Our attorneys will review your records and fight for justice for you and your family to ensure that you can work safely and in an appropriate environment.

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