Swimming This Summer?

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There’s a reason why wide brimmed hats, fans on the porch, and sweet iced tea are summer staples in the south. It’s hot. Hot and humid. You can feel the water in the air condense on your skin, then evaporate again as you go in and out of your home. The sun beats down, making you look for any scrap of shade.

The only thing you can think is how the local pool is where you want to be.

Watery Nightmare

The local pool is always crowded. You have your doubts about how clean it is to swim with the unwashed masses, to trust your kids to the eye of the distracted teenage lifeguard, to let them run through the crowded area so close to the water.

Hopefully, your family excursion to the local public pool is fun with no incidence of danger or harm. But disaster strikes when you’re least ready: You slip on a puddle of sunscreen and manage to break your arm on the edge of the pool. The lifeguard is flirting with one of the other pool goers while your child is being repeatedly dunked by a bully. Your oldest son develops a series of rashes that the doctor says is caused by a germ found only in public pools.  What are you going to do?

Call CFJ Injury Lawyers of North Charleston.

Operators of public pools may be liable for injuries sustained at the location. You may have a case for gross negligence. Put CFJ Injury Lawyers to work advocating for you and your family. Call our North Charleston office today to find out how we can assist you when it comes to personal injury or negligence.

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