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Is there any show that uses the elevator as a vehicle for drama as much as Grey’s Anatomy? From romantic interludes to plots and arguments, the elevators at Grey-Sloane Memorial have seen it all. Recently the medical drama showed a catastrophic accident involving their lifts. After doing everything possible to open an elevator during a power outage, a maintenance man got caught with his legs inside when the brakes or cable gave way. Between rushing him to the operating room and a little TV magic, they were able to save his life as well as his legs. It’s nice how television works out that way.

The Real World Isn’t So Magical

According to the CDC, elevators are responsible for approximately 30 deaths and 17,000 serious injuries every year. No TV dream team doctors for those souls. Families are suddenly faced with cataclysmic medical bills. The primary provider may be out of work, either due to the injury or needing to care for the injured person. Income is cut; insurance gets cancelled. This kind of accident could be ruinous for anyone.

Who is Responsible?

Chances are, if you have a serious elevator injury, the elevator in question didn’t belong to you, and neither did the property it was located on. Property owners and agents have insurance to help care for these incidents. They may even offer you a settlement. Before you sign away your rights, consult with the team at CFJ Injury Lawyers in North Charleston. We want you to get everything you need to care for yourself and your family member as they heal from their traumatic experience.

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