What to Do if You’re Given the Wrong Prescription

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According to one 2014 estimate, between 1 and 5% of prescriptions filled in the United States have had some mistake connected with them.

Some prescription medication errors include:

  • Doctor prescribing the wrong medicine
  • Pharmacist selecting the wrong medication because the name looks similar to the one prescribed
  • Incorrect dosage instructions
  • Not listing potential drug interactions

Avoid Prescription Medicine Mistakes

Check your labels and pills first. Most prescriptions today are digital, so you can ask your doctor for a printed copy of your medications list. Get familiar with what your medications should look like, along with other generic brands that you may be prescribed. Ask about any new meds your doctor prescribes.

Check your bag before leaving the pharmacy to make sure the inside contents are labeled in your name. If you have any concerns, ask to speak with the pharmacist before signing off on the form.

Stick with a pharmacy where the team knows you personally. This will help reduce the chance that you’re given the wrong meds.

If You Spot a Mistake

Notify your pharmacy of the error. If the wrongful medicine was already taken, hold onto the prescription so that you’ll have evidence if you need to take legal action.

You have legal rights if you or a loved one has experienced suffering or loss as a result of a prescription medication error. If such a mistake has caused a degree of harm, don’t brush it off as nothing. Be careful not to waive your rights or sign any forms from the pharmacy that you don’t understand.

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