What To Do If You Get Injured At Work

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North Charleston employers are required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Known as “workers comp” for short, this insurance policy provides employees that are injured on the job with wage replacement and medical benefits while they are recovering from a work related illness or injury. This is in exchange for relinquishing the right to sue their employer.

If you suffer a job-related injury, you should take the following steps.

File an Accident Report

Whether you were initially injured or not, when a work accident occurs you should always file an accident report. Some accident-related injuries won’t appear until later on when the deadline to fill out a report has passed. So to be sure that you’re covered under workers’ compensation laws, fill out the form right away.

Consult a Doctor

You should see a doctor as soon as possible after your work accident. Some worker’s compensation policies require that employees go to certain doctors, so before being seen by just anyone, ask your employer where you need to go.

If for some reason you don’t like the doctor that your employer chooses for you, you may still be able to go for a second opinion to a physician of your choice. This may be an entitlement that you have under workers’ compensation laws.

Consult a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you’re involved in a work accident it may be in your best interest, as an employee, to consult with a workers compensation attorney like CFJ Injury Lawyers in North Charleston. We know your rights and can help you throughout the entire process so give us a call as soon as your accident occurs.

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