When Strays Attack

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The spring and early is a beautiful time to be outside. Whether you’re playing in your back yard or working in the front, the scents of honeysuckle, violets, and roses fill the air. It can peaceful, relaxing in the sun, taking a stroll around the block, or working in your garden and taking care of the yard work.

But people are not the only ones who want to get out during the spring. Animals of all sorts want to be outside, instead of cooped up indoors. Unfortunately, not all pet owners are diligent about keeping their animals in their own yards. So, while you’re outside working, relaxing, and minding your own business, it’s possible for an unsecured dog or cat to come into your space.

Maybe most strays are docile and have just gotten away from their fencing or restraint. But what do you do when a loose animal acts aggressively or worse yet, attacks you or your children?

A Case of Neglect

Animals attack for different reasons, usually due to feeling a threat to their body, territory, or food. But whether or not it feels threatened, an animal that is part of a family should not be loose to wander through the streets and yards of the neighborhood. This is a terrible form of negligence and irresponsibility by the owners.

Legal Help in North Charleston

If you have suffered injury from another person’s animal, you may have legal recourse with the owners. CFJ Injury Lawyers are here to guide you through gaining recompense for medical bills and wages, as well as a settlement for the pain and suffering you endured. Contact us today.

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