Who’s Responsible if You Fall at a Restaurant?

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When you’ve had a little spill on the parking lot, sidewalk, or floor of a North Charleston restaurant, your first reaction may be to brush off the event in your embarrassment.

You may not seem to be hurt by the fall. You could easily blame it on the weather or the freshly-mopped floors. Things you can’t control.

But someone should have prevented that accident from happening in the first place.

South Carolina law dictates that invited guests (here meaning the patrons of a restaurant) deserve the highest level of care and protection. So, when an establishment fails to do that by preventing your fall, they are responsible for any adverse effects.

What should you do, then?

If you just brush the incident off without reporting it, you might not realize until later that it did affect you in some way and then it could be too late to seek adequate compensation.

You may be tempted to take up the matter yourself with the restaurant management. But they may try to satisfy you with less than you’re entitled to by offering gift cards or restaurant vouchers. Additionally, by trying to handle the situation alone, you could put yourself in a compromising situation and be found not entitled to compensation.

You need expert help in defending your rights and fighting for the compensation you deserve after a fall at a public establishment. After all, it is the responsibility of any restaurant in North Charleston to make sure you have a safe visit free of accidents.

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