Your Workers’ Comp Claim Was Denied – What Now?

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There’s no way you can afford treatment at your own expense. But you’re confident that the injury you suffered happened as a direct result of your work. You’re counting on the company to come through and foot the medical bill. So it’s immensely disappointing that your workers’ comp claim was denied.

You’re at a loss as to what to do next.

The denial could have happened due to one of several reasons including:

  • The claim wasn’t reported or filed in time
  • Your employer disputes your claim
  • You don’t have enough evidence to prove your injury is work-related
  • You weren’t considered employed at the company at the time the claim was filed (if you filed it after quitting or being laid off, for example)

Most likely, you can discover the exact reason your claim was denied by consulting the denial letter. There will also be instructions in the letter that will inform you of your appeal options.

Appealing a denied workers’ comp claim can be tricky. You may want to first contact your employer or insurance company for more information on why the claim was turned down. There’s a small chance that you just need to fill out a little more paperwork to get your claim back under consideration.

If you have to take legal action to appeal a denied workers’ compensation claim, then you’ll need professional advice and guidance.

Have you been denied compensation for an injury you experienced on the job? Consult an experienced workers’ comp attorney in Charleston here at CFJ Injury Lawyers. Our team will advise you and help you stay on-schedule so that you don’t miss any important deadlines in the appeal process.

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