Exercise Caution Around Public Swimming Pools

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Warmer weather arrives faster in sunny South Carolina, and that means public swimming pools will soon be opening to welcome families and other patrons. Nothing feels as good as cool water with friends on a hot day. And yet, any body of water comes with inherent risks, even a public swimming pool surrounded by crowds of people.

Although South Carolina premises liability law considers patrons of a public swimming pool “invitees,” the property owner still must exercise due caution and take measures to ensure the safety of those using the pool. The phrase “reasonable care” is often used to describe the duty of pool owners to maintain a safe, clean swimming pool for public use.

Reasonable Care for Public Safety

Reasonable care to provide a safe, clean swimming environment for patrons includes maintaining the proper chlorine and other chemical levels to prevent the spread of infections and diseases, providing safe, secure ladders for exiting the pool, providing vigilant lifeguards while patrons are using the pool, providing life-saving equipment nearby for immediate use, maintaining the surfaces in and around the pool to prevent slip-and-fall accidents and other maintenance procedures.

Far too many people suffer injury accidents at public swimming pools each year in South Carolina, and most of these incidents could be avoided. When an accident or drowning death occurs because of unsafe pool conditions or maintenance practices, the property owner is guilty of negligence and may be liable under premises liability laws. CFJ Injury Lawyers in North Charleston provide clients with compassionate, yet strenuous legal representation when a loved one suffers a swimming accident at a public pool.

Exercise Caution for Your Own Safety

In addition to property owners exercising reasonable care to ensure the safety of patrons, it is everyone’s responsibility to act safely and prevent swimming pool accidents. Remind children and other guests of pool rules, and enforce them among those in your party at all times. Typical safety rules at swimming pools include:

  • No diving (except where approved diving boards and deep water are provided)
  • No running
  • No horseplay, including pushing others into the pool
  • No glass or metal containers allowed around the pool
  • No swimming unless a lifeguard is on duty (unless otherwise noted)
  • Immediately follow the instructions of all lifeguards
  • Please respect others using the pool

Simple caution and common sense can prevent many swimming pool accidents and drownings in South Carolina. Do your part to be safe as you enjoy the water this year.

Seasoned Premises Liability Representation in South Carolina

Swimming-related accident injuries typically require extensive medical treatment. These costs can easily surpass insurance coverage, especially when long-term care is needed. A premises liability lawsuit could possibly provide you with the necessary compensation to cover these and other related costs.

If you or a loved one sustained an injury or drowned in a public swimming pool accident in South Carolina, contact the CFJ Injury Lawyers in North Charleston. We provide a free evaluation of your possible claim.
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