Holiday Healthcare Tragedy

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The holiday season and the new year are great times to enjoy with family. Children come home from college to bedrooms that seem smaller, grandkids come home to the big love of family. And when your parents are living in assisted living or a nursing home, it might be a time they come home as well.

It’s the holiday season for the healthcare workers at the nursing home, too. They are busy caring for every patient and resident at their facilities, planning and organizing facilities, and waiting eagerly for their own vacation days to come to see their own families. The days are busier than usual, and workers change shifts to cover hours that others have off.

Too Busy for Due Diligence

During the “hub-bub” of sending patients home, bringing patients back to the facility, and possible unfamiliarity with patients, providing the right care to the right patients can be compromised. Those requiring extra assistance may become injured due to a lack of supervision, medications could be mixed up, doses provided incorrectly.

Don’t Let the Matter Drop

If your loved one has been harmed at a nursing facility, during the holiday or not, it is important for you to seek legal assistance. Healthcare at senior facilities still requires a lot of oversight; your story should not only be heard, but also brought to the law. You need a legal team who can help you fight for your loved ones rights – and prevent the same mistake from happening again.

CFJ Injury Lawyers of North Charleston is here to help you. Call our office and schedule a time to consult with our team to find out how we can assist you and your family receive the benefits and resources that you’re entitled to.

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