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More and more Americans are looking for ways to save money and do their part to protect the environment. Bicycling to work is becoming more popular as a way to save on fuel costs and reduce our carbon footprint. Since bicycles share the roads with large vehicles, safety is a concern at the forefront of every cyclist’s mind.

How to Protect Yourself

Here are some steps you can follow to protect yourself from becoming the victim of a bicycle accident.

  • Wear a helmet. Make sure to purchase a quality helmet that fits properly. The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute website contains a list of helmet sizes by manufacturers.
  • Decrease your crash risk. Most bicycle accidents occur between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm due to decreased visibility and the increase of cars on the road. Try to avoid these hours as much as possible, or if you can’t, make sure you are visible to traffic by wearing reflective gear. Outfit your bike with reflective equipment and front and rear lights.
  • Stay alert. Operator error is a large factor in bike accidents. To reduce this risk, always follow traffic laws the same as you would in a car. Be aware of road hazards that could cause you to lose control, such as road construction or other obstacles. Avoid distractions such as cell phone use. Your ears are an important safety tool, so avoid using headphones while operating your bicycle.
  • Be confident in your skills. A careful cyclist is an experienced cyclist. If you do not feel confident on your bike, consider taking a biking course, and practice in a safe area away from traffic such as a park or empty parking lot.

Bicycles are wonderful modes of transportation, and you can enjoy riding for years to come by following these safety tips.

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