What to Do When You’re Denied for Social Security Disability Insurance

North Charleston SC Lawyers for Social Security Claims Denied

If you live in North Charleston and have a disability that prevents you from being able to work, social security disability insurance is a way to receive monetary funds and allow you to support yourself and your family. Unfortunately, many people that apply for social security benefits are initially denied.

Why You Were Denied Disability

The social security administration receives a large number of disability applications daily. Due to an overwhelming case backlog, if anything is incomplete, or missing from your application, or if in any way it appears as your claim of being disabled is false, you will be denied benefits.

What to Do If You Were Denied Social Security

Luckily, if your application wasn’t approved you can file an appeal to try again. At this point, it’s wise to increase your chances of being accepted by seeking the assistance of a qualified Social Security Disability attorney like CFJ Injury Lawyers of North Charleston.

When submitting the new paperwork, we’ll look at the reasons for the denial and then properly address them in your appeal. We’ll ensure that the new application is complete and properly filed. If needed, we can work closely with your healthcare providers to get the appropriate medical documentation needed to prove your inability to work.

When time is of the essence and you need funds to care for you and your family right away, don’t waste time going through the disability process on your own. Hire a social security lawyer from the very beginning to make sure everything is filed properly, just like you need it to be. Contact CFJ Injury Lawyers of North Charleston today.

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